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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is a guest post by Lisa Walters of the blog
New things are fun. New things are exciting. New things take time. New things take energy. New things can get in the way of important things.
These have been my thoughts of late, specifically regarding blogging. I am relatively new to the blogging world, and I really enjoy it. I’ve spent lots of time getting things set up and running, planning and writing posts, taking pictures to add to posts, reading new friends’ posts, and so on. I love getting feedback from people, and making comments on others’ sites. It’s all been new and fun and exciting.
BUT--I’m finding that while I’ve been having all my fun, other more important things have been falling by the wayside (just ask my laundry room!) My children walk by the computer and utter words like, “Are you on that AGAIN?!”
So, I have had to do some prioritizing. If I don’t get to read all of the new posts in my feed, the world will not fall apart, but if I don’t spend the time I should talking to my husband, my marriage might fall apart! That should be an easy decision. 
Blogging is a good thing. Spending more time blogging than doing what’s most important is a bad thing. It sounds so simple, but if you’re at all like me, it is easy to let that balance get out of whack. What is a blogging enthusiast to do then? 
For me the answer lies in setting limits and asking my heavenly Father to help me keep those limits and to use my time WISELY. 
What helps you to keep a good balance between your online life and your family/home life?

Lisa Walters is an Army Chaplain's wife and a doula who home schools her kids, eats a lot of dark chocolate, loves winter, and enjoys sitting with a book and a cup of coffee. 


  1. Hey Lisa! Congrats on being our first guest poster!

    I would have to agree- it is very easy to lose HOURS reading blogs!

    Very addicting for sure.

    Thanks for posting!

    Carolee Sperry
    The Blogging Biz Mom

  2. Lisa,
    Congrats on the first quest post!!
    You have a good point,,It is hard to balance out blogging and doing things that are more important to me as well.I feel so quilty when I'm on the computer and I miss it when I'm,,I been just going by a schedule lately.I have certain times in the day to do blogging or household chores or spend time with the kids,ect. I just feel so addicted to the internet.Your in a good place to acknowledge the fact that you need to balance it all out.Good luck.

  3. Lisa,
    Truer words were never spoken. I am retired so my time is pretty much my own. Or rather, I thought it was until I started blogging.

    Suddenly I am realizing prioritizing is important.

    Used to have to do that in the business world but adopted the attitude "I'm retired, I'll do what I like, when I like"

    My wife gently reminds me I do have a life away from blogging and the computer.

    I realize now, I have become self centered, but as you say, I am learning to set limits and to use my time WISELY.

  4. But still, you gotta love blogging :-)

    It's never far from my mind!

  5. Shannon--Thank you for your kind words. I hope you are able to find a good balance too!

  6. Lane--It is nice to have spouses to gently remind us what the priorities should be, isn't it?

    I'm going to look up your site right now!

  7. Carolee--Yep-you gotta love blogging! ; )

  8. What a great post, and such a great reminder for me!! My kids got involved with all my set-ups, helping me choose pictures and such for my blog. But I make myself shut it off when I hear them say anything that sounds like they really do need my attention. I enjoy blogging very much; it's a great outlet for me with 5 young kids at home. However, the blog world is not where my heritage will come from. My children are still more important and my husband more than them. I do really appreciate the reminder, though. It is so refreshing to hear another mother saying the things that I need to hear ;-)

  9. Giving you a follow back. You are right one must find the right balance . Good Luck =)

  10. Great post!

    I do find that it helps if I use a timer. Simple and basic, but it works, lol. I make myself get up when it goes off, then when it goes off again can sit back down, lol. At least we are getting to more equal timing, lol

  11. I agree and am currently working on this very thing. Blogging has become a very large part of my life but it is so easy to let it take over everything. I am trying to find balance and organize things better so that I can spend more time doing the things that I love blogging about.

  12. As Christina said, this is what I'm working on now, too!

    My youngest often complains about how much time my "work" takes and says he "misses me!" So I am trying to get up earlier so I can get some work done in the mornings and have more afternoon hours with him.

    I homeschool him but that doesn't seem to count as time together in his mind & heart.

    But like you, I am loving the blogging. Everything you mentioned about commenting on the blogs of new friends, working on my blog, etc.

  13. I couldn't agree with this more. It is so important to find balance. I have been blogging in some form since 2008 and just now have started really getting into and reading them more. It is so easy to get sucked into the cyberworld and lose track of real life. I work 40 hours a week and have to make sure that my blogging/computer time goes on after bedtime. It's hard though, I find myself wondering "oh I wonder if she/he posted anything new today". Gets me into trouble!