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Friday, February 25, 2011

Be the first to guest post here!

Are you looking for an opportunity to guest post? If you are a "Blogging Buddy", you can.

This blog is for our buddies ONLY to post.

If you are not a blogging buddy and would like information on becoming one, check out our What are Blogging Buddies Groups page.

Also, please feel free to check out our buddies blogs.......

Hope you become our buddy soon!


  1. Yeeee!! I'm so excited to be a Blogging Buddy!
    I know it's going to go well.Thank-You Carolee for your hard work,your great!
    shannpf1977 @ yahoo dot com

  2. Carolee, exactly how do we guest post here? I have a blog I would like to submit--it's humor--not gardening--but fits in with my "creatures" category. Is that what you are looking for?

  3. Thanks for the Blogging group I am getting started today.
    I am now a follower of blogging buddies.

  4. Oooo how cool I am very excited for this!! It'll be a good experience. Thanks for all the hard work!

  5. Hey guys- hope you're all ready for a lot of traffic on your blogs!

    I have a couple of new buddies everyday.

    We already have 3 groups, and working on building a 4th!

  6. I would love to guest blog. Do you have specific topics?

  7. yay! Im a blogging buddy now. :)
    Thank you for your site.
    april nicole