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How to be a good buddy!

The Problem....

For the new blogger (or maybe not so new....) having no visitors or comments to your blog is the first hurdle on your blogging journey...

After a few weeks of no "recognition" for all of their work, many bloggers may be feeling a bit depressed;  they may even stop posting altogether.

Their blog goes into that big "Abandoned Blog Graveyard" that's floating around out there somewhere in the Blogosphere!

Believe it or not.....

Sometimes you may have visitors, but they aren't commenting!

Most people WILL NOT leave a comment if there no or very few comments on a blog....

It's like no one wants to be the first to comment...which is's actually a great place to be!

If you have a lot of comments on your blog, visitors are more likely to comment, too. People tend to join the pack.....

So how do we get these visitors AND get the comments?

By joining Blogging Buddies!

So you've done that, now what?

How to be a good blogging buddy

Subscribe to all of your group members blogs- it's the easiest way to remember to visit.

Everytime they write a new post, you will be notified. Visit their blog post and leave a comment.

If you like a post, tweet it, FB it whatever- be a good buddy!

On your blog, be sure people can find your subscribe button easily. Same for Google Friend Connect and your bio .

When you write a blog post, remember readability. If you aren't sure if your blog is an easy read, check this out: Your Blog is killing my eyes!

Be sure to remember white space...use your return bar and skip one or two lines between paragraphs

Use headlines to define each paragraph/idea

Using a picture or two can be pleasing to the eye and break up the text. And people like pictures.

You can add videos..........

Consider different size/color text for different paragraphs

Use bold and italics

These are just a few ways to keep visitors coming back!