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* Contest *

Hey Buddies!

Let's have a little fun!

I have added a field onto the opt-in form for the Blogging Buddies. Now, you can refer other blogger's you meet to our group.

The more members we have, the more potential visitors you will have to your blog. I am finding new members all across the Internet.....different social networking groups I belong to, Facebook, twitter and friend feed followers. You can help us find even more interesting buddies.

Here's how it will work

When someone joins the group, they put the name of the person who sent them. That person gets a point.


When visiting blogs you can leave a link in comments such as:

Check out this group I belong to: <a href="">Blogging Buddies</a>

Most blogging platforms will automatically turn that into a link that looks like this: Blogging Buddies

If you email a friend to tell them, just use the link button to make a link.

The blog address is:

So what do you get out of this????

1st prize: A Blogging Buddies Mug!

(VistaPrint has a special on these: 1 Photo Mug for $1.99  you can design your own!)

***The mug pictured here is not a photo mug, but a wrap-around.

I can also put your blog address on instead and change the top to: "Be my Blogging Buddy"

Runner-up: Book The Tao of Twitter

The Tao of Twitter: Changing your life and business 140 characters at a time

The Tao of Twitter is an easy to read guide on how to use Twitter to promote your business or blog. The author tells how one "tweet" set off a chain of business deals.

This is a small book that packs a huge punch!

Written by Mark W. Shaefer of Grow.

So start turning your friends into buddies...

I'm sure they'll thank you!

Contest ends April 31st