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Monday, October 3, 2011

*NEW* Featured Members!

Over at our new site, we have weekly featured members. These members are highlighted on the right sidebar, and they get free advertising on the site for a week.

These featured members are also highlighted on two facebook pages, Blogging Biz Mom and Blogging buddies and on Twitter.

Since we haven't had any recent offers for guest posts, I thought I would utilize this space and highlight featured members here as well.

You can NEVER get enough exposure!

So here we go...this weeks featured members!

Amy Renee

Blogging Buddies Profile: click HERE

Go say Hi & congrats to Amy now!

Mimi Loves all 8 

Blogging Buddies Profile: click HERE

Would you like to be a featured member?

Head on over to The Blogging Buddies Social Network site and become a member (free) and fill out a profile page, including picture and blog link/s.


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