Please note: All posts are guest posts contributed by our members. Please be kind enough to visit their blogs and show them support.

What are Blogging Buddies groups?

Blogging Buddies are groups of blog owners who commit to subscribing to, visiting and commenting on each others blogs.

They are "buddies" in the true sense of the word. They may promote each other on Twitter and Facebook, by providing back links to their blog, or by guest posting for each others blogs.

 Also, members will have opportunities to guest post on this blog, providing them with another way to grow a reading audience.

What are your responsibilities as a Blogging Buddy?

As a buddy, you will subscribe to the blogs in your group and visiting when there is an update. While there, read the post and leave a meaningful comment.

It is best to subscribe by email- you will get a notification every time one of your buddies update!

Promote your buddies when possible....mention them in a tweet or retweet a post in Twitter or on Facebook.

If you see spelling errors (don't be picky, but do try to help), let them know.

Better a buddy telling you about a problem rather than a stranger!

Invite them to guest post on your blog if their niche can mesh with yours.

This brings more attention to your blog and your buddies!

What do you get out of it?

Instant followers who leave comments! If you've been blogging for a while, you realize that blog promotion takes as much time as actually posting to your blog on a regular basis!

Remember, since your buddies will subscribe to your site, they will get an update every time you post, the more often you post, the more people will visit!

To sign up for Blogging Buddies, email me at