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Friday, March 11, 2011

What About The Positive Side of Things??

Guest post by Shannon Flora

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As a Parent we always try to guide our children in the right direction.We help them with the choices that have to be made and love them the best way we know how.

It is our responsibility as parents to make sure our children are doing what is right and staying away from negativity.  It's only natural for us to correct them when they are wrong or when they made a mistake.  We often punish them when they get a bad grade or when they fib.

We nag about the shirt they left on the floor or their shoes in the middle of the dinning room along with a book bag or toys.  We argue with them to keep their room clean and to do their homework. 

But.... WHAT ABOUT THE POSITIVE SIDE OF THINGS? Do we acknowledge them when you see an A+ on the lab report or when they do their homework without being told?  Do we stop what were doing in our busy lives and say thank-you to our children for going to school and not cutting class today?  Do say we are happy that no shoes or toys are laying around when they are picked up?  

Do we ask how was their day and ask why when they respond with it wasn't to good?

Do we scream about spilled milk???
Today I challenge all of us as Parents to tell our children 3 positive things today.  I challenge us all to take 20 minutes to sit down and let them know what the things are that you are proud of.  I'm sure alot of parents are ready point out the positive things to their children and I hope no one takes this post in the wrong way.

I will be the first to admit I have to step up a little more and acknowledge more of the positive things my children do.
Please feel free to comment below, speak your mind and have a good day!



  1. You are absolutely right, Shannon. Kids need to hear what they are doing right, not just what they are doing wrong!

    The Blogging Biz Mom

  2. A good reminder, thank you.

  3. what a great reminder, and you know, I am going to employ this with my husband as well. i know i am so good at focusing on the negative.... i do want to encourage and build up my children!! great post!

  4. lol- Tettelestai...Yes, we should apply this with our male pals, too!

    Every now & then they do SOMETHING right :-)

  5. Totally agree! :) Found you on MBC! I hope that you follow back! :)

  6. I absolutely agree and need to start implementing more positive reinfocement in my house! Great reminder and post. :)

  7. We practice positive parenting, and have for a few years (since I learned about it while working at an early childhood center). However, sometimes we forget. I have signs up all over my house to keep us ALL positive. It is not always easy, and I HATE SPILLED MILK (or, but it could be worse, right? :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog over at -- I really appreciate it.

  8. I do this with my son daily. :) I don't think I can praise him enough!

  9. Amen!! Children also need praise :) Great post!!!

  10. Well said! We all can use a little reminder.

  11. Thanks for all your comments! I really appreciate you all taking the time out to read my post.I smiled reading your comments!Our kids are so amazing,huh!!

  12. Shelly,
    I stopped by your blog! I love your jewlery!Follow you GFC
    Take care!

  13. I'm not a Mommy, but I'm a blogger who once had a Mommy. The most important role a person can play in our world. In admiration, Keri

  14. Totally agree with this, we need to look at both and acknowlede both negative and positive. Thanks for passing by Mom's Tree House. Hope you will join in the fun. : )

  15. I worked at a daycare when I was younger where everything was positive...we couldn't say No.

    Instead of, "No hitting Johnny!" it was "We need to be nice to Johnny" or something to that effect.

    I have tried to use that with my children, although at time's I've forgotten!

    What a great bunch of comments!

    Who will be our next guest poster???

  16. very true and well said!!