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Friday, April 1, 2011

Seeking bloggers with a "purpose"

by Carolee Sperry, The Blogging Biz Mom

I am seeking individuals who blog for a purpose on my radio show, Get Bizzy Blogging.

I am basically looking for blogs that are educational or informative- about raising a child with a disability, illness, saving animals, child abuse, household tips and tricks, car care, etc....helpful blogs.

OR if you blog (were hired!) for a business or company...listeners want to know how to do the same thing!

Do you blog for your church, school, other organization?

How does your blog help others or help you deal with the frustrations of your situation?

What I am NOT looking for:

Straight out Mom blogs (although we love you).

Anything that is all about "buy this" or "hire me"...although if that's on your blog as a "side" thing to your cause that's ok.

If interested, shoot me a quick email at

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